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His Excellency President Kazan Kabir in CHAIN INTERNATIONAL:
I think nothing thrills Alfaristan people more than the submission of foreigners. Them holding tied and helpless, being able to make them do whatever we please...

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Page 10 Chain int. 0430200   CHAIN INTERNATIONAL
Interview president Kazan of Alfaristan:
We are rough and raunchy by nature...

Extracts of the Presidential interview by Hani Girgis, published on Muharram 25, 1421 (April 30, 2000) in CHAIN INTERNATIONAL.
© 25 muharram 1421

Alfaristan, what surprised me most is the people: you brace yourself for hostility but find warmth and stout friendliness.

Catharine the Great

Alfaristans president is quite young, but he possess excellent leadership skill and a sternness which endears him to all his subjects.

Certain president Kazan is a great organizer, who succeeded in uniting the tribes of Alfaristan. He is so well respected that the people of Alfaristan added "Kabir" (the Great) to his name as sign of respect. But he could have been called "Kabir" for his robustness as well.

President Kazan is a Medes (Lur), probably the most intact tribe in the area, retaining their strength and virility. The president is not a man of many words. Or better, the Alfaristani no people of many are words. What to talk when you know that Pleasure and Pain are two sides of the same coin.

Chain Int. 30th Apr. 2000   He gained immortality when he ordered, primarily due to budgetary constraints, all prisons to be closed. Terms of imprisonment were in 1995 replaced by disciplinary punishment.

President Kazan Kabir championed the Alfaristan discipline system, providing chastisement when necessary: In times that prison sentences were not replaced in Alfaristan, inmates often begged me to have more strokes in exchange for a shorter prison term.

After centuries of being dominated by foreigners, at last we Alfari are now in power... says Kazan Kabir, referring to his father who teached him that authority is in generosity.

His father also introduced a compensate program for the new and former intruders of Alfaristan, but advised his people to scourge them mild, hence the proverb: If an arrow has not entered deeply, then its removal is not hard.

Now all Alfari man are representing the authority and are in power to manacle foreigners up to 24 hours of interrogation and allowed to apply traditional strict punishments to any wrongdoer... And they are pleased to do so.

The president claims that occasional whacking is more than just a medicine, necessary to maintain my people obedient and to cure them of their bad ways.

It is scientific proven what we have known for centuries: Our own human body makes Beta-endorphins, neurotransmitters directly involved in the brain's electrochemical workings and involved in a euphoria as a result of pain. It is called Algolagnia. Millions all over the world enjoy and get satisfaction out of the release of those endorphins. That is what made the people of Alfaristan unbeatable over the centuries.

So it all turns back to drugs? President Kazan Kabir is clear: No, no, the endorphins are produced in your own body.

But your country borders on Iran and Turkey, worlds largers opium-producers?

So we not make the mistake of these countries with their American initiated so called wars on drugs. The fact is that the stricter the prohibition is, the more people gonna use.

Drugs like hash and marijuana are wrongly called drugs. It is a herb, used here for centuries without causing any problem. You see it in a country like Holland. Called a heaven of freedom, having less addicts than any other country in Europe, where cops get mad when they see a gram of hashish. They should capture thieves instead of prosecute the use of hashish. Giving people a trauma for nothing? That is really sadistic, to use the force of power on something stupid as drugs and not get any endorphin-kick out of it.

This endorphin-kick, is that what happens with the people in neighbor country Iran during the day of the 10th of muharram (Ashura, when groups of Iranians walk in flogging-processions)?

I do not think so, because the pain level should gradually increase until it nears the pain threshold to allow the endorphins to work their magic. I think there are more agreeable ways to make the endorphins run than hit yourself with the sharp of a sword or scource yourself with iron chains. That has little to do with the pleasure in pain, but with grief about the most brutal murders in the history of Islam.

These people recall the cruelty of the acts of upon the spiritual leader of the religion. It corrupted Mohameds message from the beginning. From our first four Caliphs, three were killed. The last one, Ali, married with the daughter of the prophet Mohamed, had himself and his sons killed by what later became the Sunni Moslems. After centuries this slaughter still inspire a desire for revenge. As long as not revenged, next best is becoming a yearly fellow-sufferer of Ali, Hassan and Hussein on the day of Ashura.

In Alfaristan the 10th of the month Muharram is celebrated different. Not with flogging processions but with the Ashura-plays. Men can live out their fantasy in playing the Sunni or shia party at a solitude location selected in advance, but the Tower of Sille is the place to see the biggest react of the historical capture of the martyrs of Islam. Standard acts in the play included threats, forced begging, whipping, bondage, blindfolding and gagging...

When young, the president himself was an enthusiast actor in those games. Here I had my second experience in stimulating the release of endorphins.

And your first experience? At first ...I did not know what was causing that sensation... I had received sentences of corporal punishment before. For infractions against discipline. I surely deserved that punishment. But during that first play, I was proud to have received the strap because it was glorifying the truth of religion and the endurance and strength of myself.

The president himself gave permission that in the former prison of the Tower of Sille (now in use as castigate-center) Department of Correction personnel carryout one of the three plays about the Ali, Hassan or Hussein torment. Is is special popular because Christian terrorist, held there form an integrated part of the play.

President Kazan Kabir: I think nothing thrills Alfaristan people more than the submission of a foreigner... Once tied up or restrained we are able to make them do whatever we please... We are very experienced in getting the ultimate pleasure out of people tied up helpless during Ashura.

On such occasions there is a free bottle of poppers for all involved in the Ashura-play. The players also receive a so called Ashura-belt of 12cm broad black leather, traditional used for castigation. The president: the good thing about the belt is that you have it always at hand, ready to use when ascertained by law.

Kazan Kabir: Sure, we can be slow and seductive by talking only too, like those French people do it. Alfari men are easy going, just rough and raunchy by nature, but open minded... When we abuse people, we do it just for pleasure... we love to make the endorphins rush through your and our veins...


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