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Alfaristan is an independency under command of our beloved President Alfaris the Great.

  Government representatives and Presidential Correspondention
Portrait © 1997 by Samir Eril of His Excellency President Alfaris the Great II, head of the Executive Alfaristan People Council.

Alfaristan is a Presidential monarchy: in other words, the monarchy is based on the Presidents position as ruler, regulated by certain Acts of President and unwritten law. President Kazan Kabir Alfaris II is head of state. The Government consists of the President and his Cabinet ministers of the Executive Alfaristan People Council. The constitution has laid down that the President is inviolable.

The President is closely involved in the formation of a new government. He appoints and swears in the ministers. The Coat of Arms of the House of the President is a white horse on a red shield.

A distinction is made between the Presidents house and the Presidential family. Not every member of the Alfaris-family is a member of the Presidential house or a member of the Executive Alfaristan People Council.

The Presidential family consists of all the not by Act of President restricted children and grandchildren of the parents of our beloved President for Life. excluding their spouses.

The title to the Presidential throne is vested in the male members of the family of the reigning President to the third degree of consanguinity. On the accession of a new President, some members of his house may lose their title to the presidency and hence their membership of the Presidential house.

Members of the Presidential house who marry without the permission of President also forfeit their membership of the Presidential house. Two of the President“s brothers married without the official consent of President and are therefore no longer in the line of succession. Under the Membership of the Presidential House Act, exclusion from membership also may be promulgated by Presidential Decree.

See the Presidential Palace next to the birthplace of Shams ad-Din Tabrizi, the teacher of the great mystic Mevlana Rumi.


  • HEAD OF GOVERNMENT: President of the Executive Alfaristan People Council: His Excellency President Kazan Alfaris the Great II, also written as Hon. Kazan Kabir.

Members of the Alfaristan Executive Council:

  • Chief Secretary: Hon. David Kalimi
  • Attorney General: Hon. Sadik Alfaris
  • Minister of Communication: Hon. Hani Girgis
  • Minister of Sports and Culture: Hon. Yussuf Alfaris
  • Minister of Education and Correction: Hon. Tarik Alfaris
  • Minister of Tourism: Hon. Fatih Ali Fasli

Pending Foreign Representatives of Alfaristan

  • Mbaj Fortė - Albania
  • Muzcyna Mocny - Belarusia
  • Milenec Vazny - Czechia
  • Inimene Tugev - Estonia
  • Ikaika Kane - Hawaii
  • Rossz Modorś - Hungaria
  • Cienijams Cilveks - Latvia
  • Padny Hovado - Moravia
  • Covek Snazan - Serbia
  • Zbit Brutįlny - Slovakia
  • Stroga Overitev - Slovenia

If you like to represent Alfaristan in YOUR country, please email an application:
at the attention of the Honourable President Kazan Kabir.

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Presidential Correspondention

On the occasion of the celebration that the Serdar Bulak laboratory was inaugurated as main production center for alkyl nitrite, the President of the Executive Alfaristan People Council e-mailed messages of joy to his following colleagues:

President Kazan informed also the International Organization for Local Governments http://world.localgov.org/internlocal.htm about the laboratory in the Serdar Bulak area. Known to produce worlds strongest alkyl nitrite, distributed under it“s brandname Kazan Poppers:


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