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The uninitiated tourist may be astonished by the rough traditions prevailing in Alfaristan. No man goes out without his handcuffs ready to use. And between the followers of Sidi Oral Ayach it is common that they slap each other head as way of greeting.

The experienced tracker knows that it is quite easy to reach Alfaristan, near the airports of Khoy and Nachchivan. Guests of state always always receive our traditional handcuff-greeting. But also other visitors to our beautiful country will soon be aware why handcuffs are our national symbol. Handcuffs have their place on the national flag of Alfaristan.

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Farsi and Azari are wideley spoken all over Alfaristan. See foreign Languages for Travelers

The official name of our country is Independent Presidential Monarchy of the Republic of Alfaristan.

Alfaristan is an independency under command of President Alfaris the Great. Although internet is not yet established, due to the fact that there is only a national telephone-net, with no connections outside the country.

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President Alfaris the Great   Travel-information Alfaristan
President Kazan Alfaris at the watchout on a borderstone overlooking Turkey! Behind him the peak of Mount Ararat or Agri Daghi (Mountain of Pain), where Noah´s Ark stranded after the Great Flood.
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Erzurum (Turkey) is, with the airport of Khoy in NW Iran and the city of Naxçivan (Nachchivan) in Azerbaijan closest main city to Alfaristan. Planes, trains, and buses connect Erzurum with Ankara. Due to circumstances our eastern and northern borders are temporary closed, but is still relative easy to reach Alfaristan.

The E80 Trabzon- Erzurum- Bazargan- Maku- Tabriz- Zanjan- Tehran International Transit Highway is the itinerary open during all seasons. This asphalt road leading to Dogubeyazit, 270 km from Erzurum.

After Dogubayazit in eastern Turkey you reach the Turko-Iranian frontier. A lot of Iranian buses cross the Turko-Iranian frontier every day on their way to Damascus. So it can be very crowded and it may take some time. Tourist visas for Iran have to be bought in advance and are apparently only given to participants of organized tours.

Note that a currency declaration in Iran is only required when cash exceeds US$1000.

If you are using public transport you have to walk two miles uphill to catch an Iranian bus. Have rials at hand to pay the busfare to Maku.

After Bazargan you pass the Maku Chai river. At the roadfork you leave the bus and go left to the Maku-road.

North of the city of Maku you find the asphalt road. After the roadfork the left track leads to the west. A huge stone (pictured above) marks the border of our country.

In the north-east of Alfaristan is the city of Dayak. After Dayak is the eastern border of our country, the Rud-e-Aras (Araks-river). At the river the centuries long disputed borderpoint, and the¨path is temporarily blocked due to frequent dispute Alfaristan independency. But you can reach the only open border from Khvoy as well.

From Khvoy (Iran)

Khvoy (also spelled KHOI) is a city in northwestern Iran. From Khvoy is an asphalt road going straight north through a broad, well-drained plain that is highly cultivated under irrigation. The road pass the Iranian military barracks of Askerabad and Qareh Zia ad Din.

North of Qareh Zia ad Din you pass the Aq Chai (Black tea river) and continue to go north. When you reach the roadsplit. The right road leads to Naxçivan (Nakhchivan) Azerbaijan. Left (west) is the road that brings you to Alfaristan. First you pass the former Mongol-capital Margam (Maragheh), established by Hulagu Khan in the 13th century. After Margam a track leads east to Maku.

In Maku you´ll find Hotel Arvand (10.000 Rial). Just before Maku leads a path (by jeep only) north to the Maku Chai-river and the border of Alfaristan.

Warning for Christian Ark Raiders

Since 1985 Alfaristan had to deal with groups of Christan terrorists, trying to loot Noah´s Ark. It is forbidden to enter the Ark area without a written permission, signed by a member of the Commanding Council. The violators will be punished and expelled for liferime according Alfaristan law.

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