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Oral sex no longer illegal in Alfaristan. All Alfari man are representing the authority and in power to manacle foreigners for 24 hours of interrogation.

All terms of imprisonment are replaced by disciplinary punishment.

Whacking like faceslaps and spanking, or whipping are quit common and allowed during the interrogations, but should leave no visible marks longer than 1 week.

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  Law and orders
Some words about the laws on the slopes of Mount Ararat, where recently all terms of imprisonment were replaced by disciplinary punishment. Any Alfari man is representing the authority and in power to interrogate and punish visitors.

Warning for Christian Ark Raiders

Since 1985 Alfaristan had to deal with groups of Christian terrorists, trying to loot Noah´s Ark. It is forbidden to enter the Ark area without a written permission, signed by a member of the Commanding Council. The violators will be punished and expelled for lifetime according Alfaristan law.

If you want to make photo´s you need to ask the guards for a special permission. This permission is no safeguarding that you can photograph people without their approval. time. It is also forbidden to portrait a man without handcuffs, as Alfaristan law considered a man to be naked lacking the irons. Violation will be punished according Alfaristan law.

This is one of the traditional laws still in use. But our beloved President and his late father made enormous efforts to adapt modern laws from various countries.

Like in Japan there is no age of consent. As in Scotland the law is that you are presumed guilty until proven innocent.

All terms of imprisonment in Alfaristan were replaced by disciplinary punishment in 1995.

Certain procedures are mandated by law while others are left to the discretion of the castigators.

Those corrections are neither based on the harsh guidelines from Torah, Bible or Koran, but given according to the Alfaristan tradition, where the death sentence was abolished after our country was liberated by Mongol Hulagu Khan in the 13th century.

Amputation and stoning as religious form of punishment is prohibited. Capital crimes are punished by permanent handcuffing and forced daily visits to one of the former prisons in use as castigate-centers. Here Department of Correction personnel carryout physical punishment.

Some of these centers gained fame as places where Christian terrorist were interrogated after attempts to steal Noah´s Ark and are open to foreign visitors.

To show his dedication to Alfaristan women, our beloved President introduced a law from the city of Jasper in the state of Alabama (USA) that it is illegal for a husband to beat his wife with a stick larger in diameter than his thumb.

Do not enter Alfaristan illegal

For illegal entry and overstaying in Alfaristan punishments was mandated by the late father of President Kazan Kabir. The presidents father introduced a compensate program for new and former intruders of Alfaristan, but advised his people to scourge them mild, hence the Alfaristan proverb: If an arrow has not entered deeply, then its removal is not hard.

Punishments for illegal entry and overstaying in Alfaristan is castigation with a belt, doubled over and gripped at the buckle end. This belt is traditional used to discipline in Alfaristan. The Alfari-belt is made of black leather and about 10cm broad. Belting with studded belts is forbidden.

How the procedure is carryout is left to the discretion of the castigator, because in belting not even the qualities of the instrument are ascertained by written law: while the quantity of force to be employed in its application is altogether intrusted to the caprice of the executioner. He may make the punishment as trifling or as severe as he pleases. The Alfaristan law determines that belting or any other form of correction has to be carried out in as humane a manner as possible.

You always can complain by the authorities when you are belted on the abdomen (including the chest below the nipples or breasts), in the face, neck, joints, hands, lower back (just above the buttocks), sides of the torso (armpits to waist), legs and the spine. Belting and moderate flogging is only allowed at the buttocks, rear upper thighs just below the buttocks (the sulcus) and the upper back.

New laws

After determination and confirming some traditional applications, Father-President introduced the rule, that no new laws should be introduced in Alfaristan, unless this law is already practiced in another country. Some of those new laws.

Our beloved President is very concerned about the weaker creatures. After his sister broke her ankle due to her shoes the President introduced the law from Carmel California that nobody may wear high heels in Alfaristan.

Oral sex was illegal in Alfaristan, unless it was used as a form of foreplay, like it is nowadays in Singapore. Our beloved President abolished this law during the Oral Ayach celebrations in the city of Darbe on the 4th of August in 1999. By this he showed his confidence to the people in the southern part of our country, where the members of the Oraltribe are a majority.

That same year in the city of Samar our beloved President disbanded the old Samari-rule that a person who knowingly or intentionally fondles his genitals or the genitals of another person with the intent to arouse the sexual desires was a misdemeanor. Although this law is still justified in the state of Indiana (USA), in Alfaristan you are free to fondle genitals.

From England Father-President introduced the law that sleeping with the consorts of the head of state is classed as treason, and as such, punished by permanent handcuffing and forced daily visits to a castigate-center.

To prevent intersexual florets, our beloved and wise President introduced a law from the city of Little Rock in the state Arkansas (USA) that flirtation between men and women may result in a 30-day forced visit to a castigate-center.

From the state of Iowa (USA) the President introduced the law that kisses between a man and a woman may last for no more than five minutes. From the city of Ottumwa the President introduced the law that a woman may not wink at any man she does not know.

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