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Welcome in the National Museum of Alfaristan.

Zindanburē 1,
Alfaris Center

On display are highlight of the Presidential Handcuff Collection and other National items.

Check the openings hours of The Cuff Collection and Presidential items in the National Museum of Alfaristan.

Picture made by Udac Podrobka   Alfaristan National Museum
Entrance to the Cuff Collection. Photo by Udac Podrobka © 1999.

Historically, the handcuff has been the Alfaristan people's most treasured symbol. Special guests of state always receive our traditional handcuff-greeting ceremony, and a new President gives the handcuff to the Chief Secretary of the Alfaristan Executive Council to show him his place. Tactical handcuffing is (beside stomping) our national sport. Shackles and handcuffs are everywhere in Alfaristan. All Alfari men are happy and very willing to demonstrate the use of their handcuffs. To see the very best of all cuffs visit the National Museum in our capital Alfaris. Special message in GERMAN


The Presidential Collection
from the Alfaristan National Museum in Alfaris

Portrait His Excellency President Kazan Kabir   At the entrance of the museum you face this fine painting (1.05 x 1.23m), made by Samir Eril of His Excellency the President Mr. Kazan Kabir the Great, head of the Executive Alfaristan People Council.
Samir Eril © 1997    
The Alfaristan Cuffs of State are made of pure gold and presented by the Mongol Hulagu Khan to the Alfaris People in the 13th century. The Great Mongol leader established his capital in nearby Margam and regular visited Alfaristan during his campaigns.   handcuffs Hulagu Khan
Presidential shoe   Shoe of our beloved President Kazan the Great, used pending his inauguration. During the ceremony they were burnished by the Attorney General of the Alfaristan Executive Council, the Hon. Sadik Alfaris.
The famous Golden Master Cuff is the heaviest iron in the Presidents collection. It is part of the regalia and made from 7/32" thick quality gold. They were worn by the Hon. David Kalimi, Chief Secretary of the Alfaristan Executive Council at the inauguration of president Kazan Kabir.   handcuffs David Kalimi

baton Sadik Mazough

Rubber baton of Sadik Mazough, used in the Tower of Sille during his interrogation of a All 2 Jesus Christ terrorist, member of a squad "all2jesus" radicals who infiltrate Alfaristan. This Christian militant was wearing a provocative t-shirt when trapped. After inquisition with the pictured truncheon the rioter soon confessed his plan to steal Noah“s Ark.

Copy of a map of Piri Reis (original in Topkapi Palace, Istanbul), with the two Ararat Mountains and for the first time naming Alfaristan on an Ottoman document. See large Piri Reis map from the Topkapi Palace.   map Piri reis
Darbe handcuffs   This gilded iron was used for special visitors to the hamlet of Darbe. All edges are rounded and the wrist openings are slightly tapered. Although gilded, it is considered the most secure restraint due to its weight, tight fit and heavy bolt lock and plug. Even with a key or hacksaw, escape is nearly impossible.

Zindanburē 1,
Alfaris Center

Opening hours of the THE ALFARISTAN NATIONAL MUSEUM daily from 6.30-8.00 and 22.30-24.00 hours. On Nat. holidays the museum will be open from 22.30 till 8.00 hours the next morning. Due to the situation the openinghours had to be reduced. We are sorry to say that THE ALFARISTAN NATIONAL MUSEUM is closed on but we hope to be open again next month. Check this site regularly for updated information.


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