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The Christian terrorist group all2jesus is campaigning against Alfaristan. We received two letters from people who allegedly should have been tortured, according to the all2jesus reports.

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at the Ararat Club   Law student Maria Pendal and Udac Podrobka, not tortured as Wlodek Osial reported to all2jesus, but happily handcuffed in the Ararat Club.

False accusations by all2jesus

In May 1999 Wlodek Osiol reported to the Martyrs for Jesus organization that Maria Pedal, a second-year law student, together with Udac Podrobka, were arrested by security officers mid-April while taking a photograph of a soldier at the main gate of the Alfaristan National Museum.

According to this report, published by all2jesus they should have been accused of spying for Wlodek Osiol, and instead of being taken to court within the period stipulated by law they were brought to a cellar and forced to inhale enormous amounts of amyl nitrite before being tortured on the sensitive parts of their bodies.

According to Wlodek Osial´s report both were reportedly tortured daily for three weeks, released without trial in May and thrown out of Alfaristan.

Udac Podrobka was stupefied and send his reaction to the Crusaders for Christ as well as to the Alfaristan minister of Tourism, Mr. Fatih Ali Fasli:

From his letter: About the report of Wlodek Osial the following;
I am no member of the Praise & Martyrs Group, nor have I ever been a member of this organization.
When I was arrested in April 1999 that was only for taking a photograph without asking permission of the soldier at the main gate of the Alfaristan Handcuff Museum.
I have never been accused of spying for Wlodek Osiol.
Neither have I been brought to a cellar, as Mr. Osial put in his report.

  After I told the soldier that I would send his picture, the guy invited me and my friend to go to the Ararat Club.

In the Ararat Club I received a all2jesus t-shirt because it was quite hot that day and my own shirt was sweaty. As I was told those shirts were confiscated by a guy who tried to steal parts of Noah´s Ark. That must have been this Wlodek Osial. We were never forced "to inhale enormous amounts of amyl nitrite" as he wrote in his report.
Both my friend and I use regular amyl nitrite, better known as "poppers" and that is what we did that night at the Ararat Club.
What Wlodek Osial calls torture in his report was just a friendly handcuff-game!
After that great night at the Ararat Club I stayed for three weeks at the house of the soldier, whose name was Kemer, while Maria had to go home because her holidays were over. I had a great time and have never been "released without trial".
Nor have we been thrown out of Alfaristan.

To the all2jesus organization Udac Podrobka asked to remove the false account of Wlodek Osial and that he would send his statement also to the Alfari authorities. Udac Podrobka stated that Alfaristan is a great country and the Alfaristan men are the best I ever met in my life.

Law student Maria Pendal send also a reaction on the false connote by Wlodek Osial and all2jesus. From her message to to the Alfaristan minister of Tourism, Mr. Fatih Ali Fasli:

It strikes most foreigners the way Alfari approaches visitors. It is true, nothing thrills Alfaristan people more than the submission of foreigners. But when you know what these foreign invaders did to them over the centuries, it is all so friendly when they are handcuffing you or tie you up. It is just part of the traditions. They believe that visitors need some friendly spanking from time to time because it is their desire. They will please us, according to their national saying stating that "Pleasure and Pain are two sides of the same coin."

I was never thrown out of Alfaristan, but had to leave because my holidays were completed. Alfaristan is a great country and the Alfaristan men are real men and the best and roughest loverboys I ever met in my life. I can hardly wait to return, says Law student Maria Pendal.


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