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Oral sex no longer illegal in Alfaristan.
Noah´s Ark

Noah in Alfaristan
According to Torah, Bible and Koran.

Christian sightings of Noah´s Ark
Account on the cave where artifacts from the Ark are kept save.

False accusations by by Christian terrorist
Read what really happened!

It starts with the landing of Noah´s Ark in Alfaristan about 4300 years ago and reached new highs with the inauguration of President Kazan the Great..

Ararat, Alfars, Kirbaç, Dayak, Samar, Darbe, Saklama, Yumruk, Sille, Tekme, Serdar, Bulak plateau ...

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The civic heraldry of Alfaristan and its villages.

Top Story - Updated
Chain Int. 30th Apr. 2000Meet the President
ALFARIS, Alfaristan (DP) - Alfaristans president is quite young, but he possess excellent leadership skill and a sternness which endears him to all his subjects. He is so well respected that the people added "Kabir" (the Great) to his name as sign of respect.
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In depth:
The Cuff Collection on display
ALFARIS, Alfaristan (Dep. of Propaganda) - The handcuff is Alfaristans most treasured symbol. Shackles and handcuffs are everywhere in Alfaristan and tactical handcuffing is (beside stomping) our national sport. For the first time on display the presidential collection including the Cuffs of State.
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Tortured for Christ
SILLE, Alfaristan (Volta) - Terrorists of the Crusaders for Christ group tried to steal Noah´s Ark from the holy Mount Ararat. One of the trapped is now making anti Alfaristan propaganda about the way he was interrogated by e.g. Sadik Mazough.

False accusations by by Christian terrorist
Read what really happened!

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kazan poppers

Today in History
President Alfaris the Great opened a laboratory in the Serdar Bulak area to produce world´s strongest nitrite aromas.

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