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President Kazan Kabir opened 5 years ago a laboratory to produce worlds strongest alkyl nitrite, known under the brandname Kazan Poppers:

Alfaristan is an independency under command of our beloved President Alfaris the Great.

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Kazan poppers   Captivate your senses with the world´s most powerful nitrite odorant ever produced!

Five years ago the Serdar Bulak laboratory was inaugurated by President Kazan Kabir as center to produce worlds strongest nitrite aroma. The liquid is highly flammable.

From 1961 people in the United Stated and Europe, primarily those with fierce manly proclivities, began using amyl nitrite as a recreational drug.

When inhaled, poppers prolong the sensation of orgasm, relaxing the muscles and deadening the sense of pain. It is known as the premier orgasm drug.

From a biochemical standpoint, the volatile or alkyl nitrites (amyl-, butyl-, isobutyl-, propyl-, and other nitrites) are powerful oxidizing agents.

The original poppers were little glass ampules enclosed in mesh, which were "popped" under the nose and inhaled. They contained pharmaceutical amyl nitrite, and were intended for emergency relief of angina pectoris (heart pain).

In the United Stated, amyl nitrite was a controlled substance until 1960, when the prescription requirement was eliminated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In 1970 the first nitrite was made in Alfaristan. It turned out to be a big money-maker. The production boosted after the United States made poppers a banned product as part of the Drug Omnibus Act of 1988. The traditional laboratories could hardly provide the national market and not handle the export demands. So 5 years ago the Serdar Bulak laboratory was set up to produce some of the worlds strongest nitrite aromas from the mixture of butyl and isobutyl nitrites.

The strongest product, named Kazan Poppers after our President, is six times powerful as other nitrite aromas from the Serdar Bulak company and about 12 times potent as the normal aromas..


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