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Here the story of the Special Infiltration Force of Alfaristan.

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Beside Noah´s Ark other places of interest in Alfaristan are the birthplace of the religious teacher and prophet Zoroaster (7th cent. B.C.) in Tekmer, the birthplace of Shamseddin Tabrizzi (teacher of on of the greatest mystics off all time: Mevlana Rumi) in the center of Alfaris. Visit also the tomb of Sidi Oral Ayach in Darbe. Oral is considered to be the founder of Alfaristan as independency. He led his tribe from the Rif-mountains of North Africa to the south of Alfaristan. His tomb is in the style of that of Oral´s father in North Africa.

Sille Tower and Mount Pain   Special Infiltration Force
The centre of this elite corps of Alfaristan, established for infiltrating into all kinds of prisons, native and abroad.

Sometimes a SIF has to infiltrate as an agent into a private prison, a Juvenile Correctional Facility or an obscure prison. Each SIF has to sign a contract that he is aware of the importance of the oganization policy. To be able to keep this Force secret a SIF may not ever speak about the existence of the SIF Project or reveal he is a SIF, let alone betray his identity while on a mission. Only a few tough men come in the picture for this. It is a wide-spread rumor that these Alfari-elite-corps is the results of secret genetically and biochemically modifycations of the Russians. They are trained to survive extreme circumstances, aggression and abuse, physical, emotional and sexual. They are trained to discipline, drill and prisoner taking. The Special Infiltration Project is always recruiting men (from age 16).


I was accepted as a recruit into the SIF on 15 January 1997. The following training happened in 1998 while I went through SIF training in 1st Alfaristan Commando Battalion. I had to observe discpline at all times when in the presence of the sgt and obey all orders ordered at me. My conversation had to start with SIR and end with SIR and I had a hair cut in accordance with regulations.

The below mentioned happened to me as part of my individual SIF training. The rest of the men were treated in normal ways except for me, who had to undergo the following. Officially and on the records I was called "Number 3".

I was singled out to test if I had it in me to become a SIF. When I was shouted to by officials, the d.i.'s or the medical staff my name was simply "scum". And that's what I was called soon by the other soldiers too.

For 15 days, I was deprived of sleep. No sleep at all. I was watched over by all the trainers and they ensured that I had totally no sleep. When training was over, the men were allowed to bathe and rest, but I for those 15 days had to wear my camouflage and boots. I had a hard-on the whole time. Would kill to participate in the breaking of a group of new recuits. The thought of all those wanna be special forces men totally at my mercy.

Every night at about 12.30 am, I was pushed, kicked and punched/slapped by the instructors. Then I would be forced to kneel down in front of the instructors. I had to held my arms fully outstretched for 1 hour while the instructor caused genital pain. If my arms at anytime so much as bend my arms, I was pushed punched, kicked and slapped by the instructor/s again. Exactly what I like doin to men before I straddle em and punch em stupid.

All these would usually stop at 5.30am. I would then face further punishment. In addition I was tied and had to go through some experimental 'electro tests' by military personnel.

Once I was made crawl like a worm while I was constantly subjected to kicks or given blows on various parts of the body.

They made me make me work for their boots.I was also blindfolded then, tied up in various stress positions, and beaten all over.

The trainers played psychological games to the extreme. Knowing that I was mentally and physically weakened to the extreme, they constantly and consistently challenged me to "surrender" if I couldn’t take the torture/stress.

On another occasion, I was standing in front of d.i.'s when one jumped off his bench and gave me a flying kick to the chest throwing me off my feet.

At another time, I was in full battle order and had my hands tied, and was told to hold on to a toggle rope attached to a Land Rover. The vehicle moved slowly and I was ordered to run following the vehicle. When I fell and let go of the rope, I was forcefully dragged along the ground by instructors for some distances before they let me go.

Even after the 15 days when we returned, I was not spared. For a couple of days, the 2LT would have me awaken every 2 hours starting at 11pm and was told to go to stand facing the wall in “attention” position and get kicks and slappings for about an hour, before I was allowed to go back to sleep, 2 hours later, the entire harassment episode would be repeated till the next morning.

Another point I would like to bring up is that I was confined in camp for 4 entire months. They always seemed to find a way to get me confined and I was not allowed to go out, to make calls or to even see the outside world for 4 whole months. It was all verbal instructions and being a SIF recruit, I did not dare to question the orders any further. I had to face the wall when a guard approaches. I had to use my hands to wipe my ass.

I brought out this authentic report. As a final word I like to say the program worked for me and did not cause any permanent insurmountable damage.

1999, February 20


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